Course curriculum

    1. Intro from Susannah and Nathan Furr

    1. Reframing

    2. Reverse Insurance

    3. Frontiers

    4. Adjacent Possible

    5. Infinite Game

    6. Stories

    7. Regret Minimization

    8. Aplomb (Doubting Self-Doubt)

    9. Uncertainty Manifesto

    10. REFRAME Impact

    1. Know Your Risks

    2. Personal Real Options

    3. Uncertainty Balancers

    4. Dumbo Feathers

    5. Runways and Landing Strips

    6. Reimagining Resources

    7. Fait Sur Mesure

    8. Don't Force Machinery

    9. PRIME Impact

    1. Activate and Unlock

    2. Values versus Goals

    3. Cognitive Flexibility

    4. Learning in Fog

    5. 10,000 Shots

    6. Bricolage

    7. Small Steps

    8. Pivot

    9. DO Impact

    1. Emotional Hygiene: Riding the Waves

    2. Emotional Hygiene: Hope is Active

    3. Emotional Hygiene: Connection and Community

    4. Emotional Hygiene: Comforts

    5. Reality Check: Embrace Being Human

    6. Reality Check: Learned Optimism

    7. Reality Check: Frustration Management

    8. Reality Check: Sorting Knowns versus Unknowns

    9. Reality Check: Alternatives and Probabilities

    10. Reality Check: Creative Competition

    11. Reality Check: Worst Case Scenario

    12. Reality Check: Optimization Myth

    13. Magic: Picaresque

    14. Magic: As If

    15. Magic: Helping Others

    16. Magic: Memento Mori

    17. Magic: Techs You Live By

    18. SUSTAIN Impact

    1. Final Thoughts and Congratulations

    2. Upside Course Survery


  • $30.00
  • Available January 3rd
  • Reflection Exercises
  • Community Discussion

Upside Tools

Split into four sections, the course follows the arms of the UP "first-aid" cross where tools fall into the categories: Reframe, Prime, Do, and Sustain. Within each, the Furr's take a deep dive into the tools, sharing personal stories, real-world examples, reflection exercises and spaces for community discussion.


The "textbook"

"The Upside of Uncertainty" is the foundation of the course. Read as a companion and on-the-go expansion of the course.
The Upside of Uncertainty

Press on The Upside

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